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The design project is the foundation of all our future work, this is the basis of the basis for transforming all creative ideas into life. We always pay special attention to this stage, because there are no trifles here, and every detail is extremely important. Our team is the most responsible and professionally to the creative aspect of the relationship with the customer. We bring the design to the maximum a clear and understandable graphic language, so any construction team can easily perform tasks.

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3D Visualization

Thanks to 3D-visualization you can see what does not exist yet, evaluate the project before, how it will begin to be realized, and make a full impression of the future object. It is evident 3D modeling helps to fully convey the shape, color and volume, as well as embody the boldest ideas in life. Our specialists will recreate, even more realistically, even the smallest details so that you can not only to see, but also to feel.

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Complete package of documentation

All those involved in different stages of work are people who have cooperated with us for many projects, so we always vouch for the quality of the services provided. Our partners are suppliers and manufacturers, thanks to this our team selects the best materials and components in within the agreed budget.
We control and coordinate the work of all specialists involved in the project and are responsible for the quality of construction works of related organizations. Also in the range of our services includes the formulation and management of orders, the control of supplies materials and deadlines. We perform the most technically challenging tasks and implement turnkey projects.

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Everyone who has at least once encountered construction works, knows that when the the implementation of the project, no matter how detailed it was, no matter how professional the brigade was, then you still have to solve a lot of different small problems: from millimeters in bindings lamps to suitable shades of gray. The most effective way to monitor the whole process - this is the author's supervision, which implies the presence of the author of the project at the construction site in the most necessary moments. He can always consult builders on all points of the design project and not To admit any undesirable deviations from the planned plan. We also offer a service "technical supervision" which will allow to take into account the consumption of materials and to control the quality of work.

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Philosophy of the studio

Pavel Lichik

Kameleono founder

I can not imagine my life without creativity, so I created Kameleono. This is a studio in which not only people who are fond of design in all its forms have joined together, these are professionals, who became real friends.
We never refuse the most crazy projects, because they inspire us. All the clients we deal with become our friends and come back again.

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