Kameleono is a friendly, cohesive team of professionals. We are united by design. It is locatedFor 15 years, we have been engaged in architectural and interior design for commercial and private properties. Our team is a friendly, close-knit team of professionals. Design is at the heart of everything we do. Love for beauty is inherent in our nature, in the people we work with, in every project that we undertake. The reliability of the company and the responsibility of our employees allow us to be an excellent team and achieve outstanding results.

 Our terms of cooperation turn the joint work on the creation of your project into an exciting game with innovation, style, comfort. You can be sure that all your needs and desires will be taken into account and brought to perfection, because an expert in his field is responsible for each stage of design.
An individual approach to the provision of services gives us confidence in the successful implementation of your dream project. 

Fashion changes rapidly, but only the principles of eternal beauty and the latest technologies can make the interior relevant for decades. That's why we don't take fashion trends seriously, instead, we keep our finger on the pulse of changes in the world and society. Sometimes sticking to traditional design canons is the best strategy

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